Terraces, Machu Picchu

The Inca Trail left me out of breath and Machu Picchu took my breath away.  I’m lucky to still be alive.

We hiked for 7 hours, walking up steps that were as steep as walls.  We only stopped due to exhaustion, for photo opportunities, and to learn about the incredibly insane history of Cuzco and the architecture beneath our feet and in the distance.


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  1. Wonderful picture. And I envy that trip, and all the things you learned. At 80, I’m not much of a climber but I have a vigorous inquiring mind. Love the picture.

  2. You always do lovely work, Lorna. I especially like this one – very good feeling of clouds and space.

  3. These are awesome! Thanks for stopping by my blog as well!

  4. Awesome clouds! The picture as a whole is great.

    Keep it up!

  5. Hi, Lorna. Just stopping by to see what you have been up to! Have a great weekend!

  6. I like the colours and layout of picture !
    What an amazing Hike & what memories to have for ever .

  7. Super interpretation of a place I’ve often seen in photos, but am yet to get to. It’s on the list, of course.

    Thanks for following my blog, good luck with yours and I’ll keep coming back to see you you’re going. Cheers, Richard

  8. wow i’m so jealous, i really want to do this hike!!!

  9. Wow, it´s amazing, are all drawings of yours? I really like your Art style.

  10. Yep! These are all mine! Thank you for the kind words! I hope you stop by again soon!

  11. this is a pretty interesting style. is your work done completely in photoshop? or what is your process like?

  12. Thanks! Most recently, my process begins with one or two photos. I stretch the images to my liking on a digital photoshop canvas, and then decide which shapes I want to emphasize with line drawings. Thanks for checking it out and commenting!

  13. Looks like you can just reach out and grab that cloud!!

    Also I’m surprised you didn’t write a hike-ku for this one, heh.

  14. I love your style!! The colouring in that first image is really striking. And I love the way the image has so much depth – really clever. (Thanks for following me)

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