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Clouds in pages and people

I’m continuing with art based off photos from LAWS.  And with that – this is another multitask; It started as a drawing for a flyer for the LAWS Review, an anthology the poet Anna Urena is putting together.

The animation for this is amateaur.  The clouds move like Powerpoint presentation sweeps.  I didn’t do any drawing for the clouds, and that’s prob why I’m unhappy with them.  I just copied layers and did some scrolling.  It’s interesting enough to post, but not representative of my intentions

Here is my drawing of the Los Angeles poet, Seven.  It’s called Seven times two.  I now realize I need to change the images so that they’re facing each other and not the same way.

seven times two 8x11 w


The draft of an art gif

and the flyer I initially drew the art for

laws review call for submissions revised web

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