Collage exper[i]ment

I’ve since finished the skyline (the buildings downtown aren’t colored here) but I like this photo because of how the sun to the side of me, when I took the picture, lighted up and cast shadows on the different collage layers. I may try and create my own lighting later and/or use the components of this collage in other pieces.



  1. An interesting read, nice to find your blog here via twitter with the tag #MayDrawADay :> I started a May Drawing challenge and it has been going so well, lots of interaction, I was so pleased to see someone else doing their own challenge with the same tag đŸ™‚ I like this collage, great work. {on twitter @SchwarzieDesign}

  2. thank you! i look forward to checking out your drawing challenge! perhaps you’ve been more disciplined than i’ve been!

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