1. Wow!!! Damn cool!!!

    The artistic consistency makes it flow really well and I like the panel logic on the falling-out-of-the-chair page!

    And I like the scribbles in the first and last panel used to frame the whole thing!

    (Also I had Fugazi’s “Waiting Room” in my head as I read it, for obvious reasons)

  2. I wrote a paper a few years ago comparing Fugazi’s sung with Bishop’s poem. I argued that Fugazi’s song hails elements of the poem. For example, both texts invoke a sense of collective voice. In Bishop’s poem, the speaker joins the others of waiting room as she spirals into introspection, “I-we-were falling, falling”; and the layered vocals in Fugazi’s song create a feeling of unity, “Everybody moving, everybody moving, moving, moving, moving.” Not to mention each text’s use of repetition.

    Thanks for your feedback, Alex!

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