1. It’s Tia Laura. I was driving through the ultimate urban blight, blocks of boarded up row houses in Baltimore, when news from Seal Beach popped up on NPR. Well, seconds later, after causing who knows what kind of traffic carnage behind me, I heard the most sublime of sounds. Rivaling the choirs of angels: Your mom’s voice on the phone.

    Love you and see you at Christmas.

  2. Reflection: I don’t want to be scared… of people. I want to like people. I do like people.

    How do we reconcile bad things happening to good people? Is the world just full of chaos, and any sense of order is a temporary illusion that helps us make decisions so that we can continue through the chaos?

    I know there is something more.

    Existential crisis #2, I suppose. (Ha, I numbered it.)

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