1. Thank you so much! This was traced off an image projected on a white board, which probably explains the line work. What constitutes good line work? Lack of hestitation? Fluidity?

  2. Good line work? I’ve always heard it as clean lines, solid, with use of gradients in value and width, and not overly complex, but those aren’t really anything conclusive.

    What I like about yours is the character and quality that the line gives to the overall picture. There’s a mood to it that is playful, bold, sensual, and lively. Neither hair nor face are over-rendered with lines, allowing the subject to fill the space with ease and get the point across in clarity.

  3. Wow! Thank you so much for such specific feedback! One of my artistic dilemmas is when to stop. I can keep adding and adding, or just stop because I figure I will mess it up. This is probably why I love the idea of the palimpsest: the perfect number of lines is in one of the layers.

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