Tra[i]n spotting

I met Michaela on an Amtrak train going from Downtown LA to Downtown San Diego. She sat next to me because the car was nearly standing room only. After an hour or so I went to the cafe and brought back a double vodka soda. She quickly did the same. We started talking. She was heading to San Diego to move out of her old apartment. She and her roommate had crossed the friend line into sex territory and things went sour quickly.

We kept a pretty interesting and fluid conversation for the remaining hours of the trip. We discovered that we were both 24 and libras. We were both artists. She made jewelry out of trash. She had been staying with her brother who lived at the Brewery in LA. He made soap. She gave me some. She told me that she planned to move to Iowa because she had found an 80 year old woman who was looking to support the arts and probably wanted some company. Michaela said the lady reminded her of her grandma.

She told me about a recent dream she had had where vampire zombies broke through the chest of one of her friends. She asked me if I had ever written scripts because she thought it could make a great movie. I asked her to draw the zombies, but she preferred my visual note taking (not pictured). We exchanged numbers and I got a picture of her (kind of pictured). I knew I would want to draw her.



  1. i don’t know. i think they suck blood like normal vampires, but they’re also zombies.

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