1. i got “gregarious,” “wanton,” disillusioned” and “next.” I feel most comfortable with “next.”

  2. i found “Indignant,” “nefarious,” (which means evil) “capricious” (which has something to do with a quickly changing mood) and “magnanimous.” hmmm

  3. I tried reading right to left and go “camp,” “rep,” “bare” and “dip.” Tomorrow I’ll go vertical.

  4. Then I suppose I may or may not be a “damn absurd surreptitious sycophant”

    …also “sanguine!!” And “Quagmire!” (gigidy)

    Haha you also have decoy words I see. Like “woulnd,” “lipsistic” and “repreobate”

    …oh I guess could just be “probate”

  5. i like the decoy words. maybe they’re not decoys. maybe they’re found linguistic truths.

    or just words you don’t know yet:

    reprobate: an unprincipled person (often used humorously or affectionately).

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