Human planter

I know this is kind of boring. My mom might say it’s “too pretty.” I like the idea of it, but it’s quite simple and the pose is lazy. I should have used flowers as models, or better yet, hollowed out a cadaver and put plants inside of it. Hmmm My recent adventures through taxidermy… exhibits may have influenced this morbidity. That and my desire to develop more realistic shapes in my drawing. It could be two things.



  1. It would be funny if you put a pause in between the words “taxidermy” and “exhibits”

    “My recent adventures through taxidermy………exhibits may have influenced this morbidity.”

    Oh yeah and I’m “Lobster McGee” now. “Alex” was too on the nose

  2. hi lobster mcgee! i knew it was you! great suggestion! i’m going to do it, but with the proper 2 period elipsis. man i wish this had spell check. does propper have two p’s? no…

  3. Thank you! I used some thin felt tip pens on printer paper then edited a photo of the image. I appreciate your feedback!

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