Sancho Salon, Echo Park

I went to an opening here last night (Under the Sun) and had a great time!  A band performed inside the small gallery while another band was setting up outside.  The outside space is an amazing grassy retreat with a stage, tables and chairs, and a big ol’ tree.  The crowd was a mix of once rock stars, “hippies” (“burnouts” may be a more accurate descriptor, I suppose, and I’m only referring to their aesthetics and the fact that they were wielding bottles of booze and celebrating the arrival of each of their friends), hipsters, artists and locals.  The people/environment was friendly, and it looked like everyone was having a good time checking out the art, drinking wine and beer, smoking cigarettes, listening to music and talking to each other.  As far as the art, there was a mix of collage, sketches, and paintings starting at $40, but most above $100 (and way above $100).  The space was cleverly curated and there was an easy flow from artist to artist.  There’s parking in the Barragan’s lot (next door) for $5 or street parking.
More info on the Under the Sun show I saw: fine art by Louie Metz, Victor Balogh, Jason Krause,
Doug Cox, LC Croskey, PJ Risse and Rob Malone. with performance’s by Clowns & Fetuses’s and Tramp for the Lord

(see this review on yelp!)

Also: The band outside had a theremin!  So cool!


  1. this gives a sense of the modern and the old. The outline is reminiscent of a map – it makes the venue global and timeless

  2. Cool! I’m going to keep experimenting with this style. Next step: collage!

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