Grande Ole Echo, Echo Park

I like how the text covers parts of the image.  This is the comic booky (?) direction I want to move toward.  The font is (perhaps too) big so it’s easy to read.  (Enlarging the font is a habit I got into as a teacher.  Large text is clearer and more inviting than smaller or crowded words.)  I could have drawn two images for this article and spread out the text.  As far as the image, I wonder if a better camera would help me take clearer pictures and then draw better images with their own colors.  The colors here are the result of many manipulations and edits.  Overall this is too effect-heavy for me, though the feeling it communicates is true to the text and what happened.

Update!  I made the text a bit smaller!

And here’s the image without text!


  1. It’s growing on me. At first I thought the text was a distraction from the image, but now I see it’s part of the image, a textual form that echoes the blockiness of the illustration.

  2. The artwork is awesome but have you tried using a color background for the text that will go with the image but the text will still be contrasted and clear? Just a thought but taking one of the colors from the image fading it and using it as background for text would make everything flow better and bring the image and text together.

  3. Keen eye! The text is actually surrounding the image (some of it a border around the image, making it bigger). I still think it’s obtrusive, but thank you for making some sense of it!

  4. Yes! Thank you for asking! You guys (and gal!) were great! The image on my site is the updated version (I had a typo in the one I posted to twitter). I can also send you the original photo and the drawing without text. Please give me credit 🙂 Thanks, Lorna Alkana

  5. I used to read comic books and the first image I liked a lot. It looked like it should have come out of a comic book and actually, out of the three, the first is the one I like the best.

  6. I love the art, like it best by itself, can envision it on walls. But…if you want to go in the comic book direction, I think artzent’s suggestion of using blocks of color behind the text is really worth trying.

  7. Great! I’ll try that again! I figured if I put the text in a solid colored area on the image it would be like adding a color block behind it. Thank you for you feedback!

  8. Definitely the smaller panels, even though yeah it unfortunately makes the text subconsciously less inviting.

    Maybe if you had a panel per sentence you could space them out differently with a slightly bigger font. You’d have more panels, of course, but they could be more purposely placed to maintain the flow/fraiming of the image.

    Awesome picture, btw. Makes me want to see that band!

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