I’m alight at my desk

My proximity to my desk directly correlates with how much I can accomplish.  (<– maybe that should be the image’s text.)   This is an image I changed to black and white.  I like how this version looks more finished than the initial pen and colored pencil drawing (below).  What do you think?

I didn’t add text to this image because everything I thought of seemed forced and too concise to be honest or meaningful.  I figured the lines of the drawing can “speak for themselves” (and then I sat a while and pondered such an expression and whether or not I could find another way to put it).


  1. First, thanks for visiting (and following) my humble blog. I like your style of drawing very much, it looks so free. And can I just say that the “People in Household Items” series is brilliant. I sympathise with the Refrigerator one very much because I live in a hot climate…

  2. I agree – the b/w drawing is better – makes the mind fill the gaps. I also think of quirky ideas like your own and I don’t worry about the quality of the drawing. I’m hoping to start putting my ideas on a seperate blog from my more ‘serious’ artwork. Keep up the drawings Lorna

  3. I prefer the simplicity of the black and white one – love how there is no details in the desk, but one can still tell what it is and I think without desk drawers the focus is much more on the human-lamp (no distractions)

  4. I prefer the black and white, but then I’m a sucker for b&w, so there you go. I love the way that everything just melds together in the b&w; no distinction between desk and wall/ceiling. lovely!

  5. mmm, I also get a neat illusion of height with the b&w, like the desk just keeps going up…. kind of creepy, but in a good way (a sort of Neil Gaiman way, if you know what I mean)

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