BootieLA, Echoplex

Echo Park Rising 2012 was an amazing experience.  I enjoyed performances and art at Stories Books and Cafe, Taix (pronounced Tex), iam8bit, Sancho, Lot1, Rafa’s Lounge and Art Gallery, the sidewalk, and then finally the Echoplex for BootieLA.  BootieLA is a mashup dance party that features the amazing on stage choreography of RAID (Random Acts of Irreverent Dance) as well as a number of talented DJs.  There are also lights.  Lots of lights.

More art from EP Rising to come!

People dance under the lights.
Lights dance over the people.

My text for this image could serve as an example of prepositional phrases.  Hmm I think there’s a book idea in there.


  1. Thanks for the explanation, wasn’t familiar with the event. Love the piece, your use of color really creates that pulling you in vortex feeling. Would you ever want to integrate the typography with the image? Just curious since I’m a graphic designer.

  2. Well, there’s so much energy and movement in your work and the text part is also a nice part of it, so I thought maybe you could integrate the two. Maybe you could follow along contours, adding the text with your own handwriting or something more organic. You could also maybe try breaking up the sentences and move them away from each other, which would be cool with this one because they are kind of interchangeable thoughts. Hmm, the other thing that might be cool is to outline the type in the same way you do the rest of the illustration, enlarge it and overlay it somewhere? That’s just what I was thinking about, they would begin to feel more like posters. But I really love them all!

  3. I really appreciate this feedback! My roommates had similar feedback about how the text could be integrated into my art in a more intentional and creative way. It’s taken me a bit to realize that captions and comic book conventions are malleable. I think this trope is actually what I needed!

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