Delacroix [i]nterpretation

I’m working with my mom on a graphic/comic biography of the French revolutionary Suzanne Volkan.  My mom wants to incorporate images from the time into the comic.  I finished a first round of my interpretation of the Delacroix painting “Liberty Leading the People”.  Man, I didn’t realize how many dead people were in the painting.

I really appreciated the process of drawing this.  I’d like to learn more about/refresh my memory of painting around this time.  This painting has so many details and so much emotion.  Delacroix seems to have had a “finishing the hat” (Sondheim) approach to his art.  There is so much light in the dark and dark in the light.

There may be too many lines for a comic publication.  We’re still figuring all of that out.  I can work on simplifying my drawings.  The images may have to be black and white.  I can get rid of the background to have floating figures.  So many ideas!

Here’s a gray scale version:

And the original painting:


  1. This is crazy cool; both your drawing style and the idea of making a comic biography about a French revolutionary. It almost approaches a stained glass holy-event type status look that works quite well. (also, thanks for dropping by! It’s nice to internet-incounter other LA artists.)

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