Real Cartwheels

When I was a kid, I took playing and pretending very seriously.  I wasn’t competitive, I just liked following the rules.  I liked constructing and then committing to imaginary scenarios.  Make believe.  I’d make up something to believe in.  I wonder if I’ve changed.

I tried a new technique with the layers.  Instead of one layer of color, I used three and then altered them to have different levels of transparency.

I spelled “committing” wrong.  I suppose I also like to make up my own spelling.


Revised 11/13/2012

When I was a kid, my friends and I would take playing and pretending very seriously.  It wasn’t that we were competitive; we just liked trying out different types of rules.  We would construct and then commit to our imagined logic.  Make believe.  We’d make up something to believe in.
I wonder if we’ve changed.

Real Cartwheels


  1. Lovely artwork, Lorna. I’m currently trying to get to grips with layering and transparency, so I’ll be back here often to see what I can learn. Thank you for your beautiful art and thanks too for following me…

  2. It’s funny that they’re called “cartwheels” when probably “wheel” would have sufficed, since it’s a human spinning like a wheel. So why specifically the wheel of a cart? Maybe carts were the first thing people put wheels on when they first invented wheels.

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