When we pressed the chalk hard enough onto the wall, it became more opaque than we were.  We felt light and transparent, transformed into friendly ghosts who haunt the Plaster of Paris creations until it rains.
I had some difficulty making final decisions with this image.  I wanted to play with transparency, but I also wanted to use color to emphasize the chalk wall.  The transparent people sort of turned everything a bit too pastel for my liking.  There might be too much going on.  If I wasn’t so attached to the original composition of the image, I would have rearranged the people (places and things).  Instead, I’ve only worked with the colors, opacity, and brightness/contrast/saturation levels (in addition to line width and details in the drawing).  All the layers together convoluted the image.  Something is lost.  Perhaps it’s best for me to experiment on drawings with simpler lines so I can figure out techniques instead of surprising myself all the time.  I need to focus on the subject.  I need to decide on the subject.  The typography sort of looks more haphazard than I would like, as well.  Maybe a series of three images would allow me to show the layers of transparency and create a ghostly effect without coming off as overwhelming.  WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE?











  1. I like the cat on the last one – I think it’s a shame it was covered up by the people 🙂
    But my favourite, would probably be the fifth one, with the very bold colours and clean wall, no distractions. Logically, the next one, (the sixth one) made more sense to my eyes, with all the chalk drawings on it, but at the same time it was distracting – the girl on the right blended into the wall. But I really love the way you have drawn the people! So yeah, I think number five is my favourite one 😀

  2. At first I thought #1 was my favorite for the movement, but #8 still moves, has great colors, and, of course, the cat. Love this question…

  3. I like 6 and 8 — I like the people and I like the brightness of 6 with both the drawings and people bold, or else both the drawings and people lighter, as in 8. There seems to be less confusion that way (?), though who knows. I like seeing all the variations 🙂

  4. favourite is No. 6. One of the quieter pieces. Maybe you are trying to do too much just because you can??

    No. 6 also has great strong colour and good separation wall/background.

  5. I agree with you! There is something strking about the clean lines and opacity of the fifth one. The fifth one implies all of the other layers: What are the people about to do? What have they done? What will happen next? To make a short story long: Part of my conflict with these images, or deciding on the strongest one, is my knowledge of the photograph they’re based on. I often tend to air on the side of accuracy, though more and more I’m interested in what I can hide and manipulate in my interpretive drawings. With accuracy the choices are easier. If the content is up to me I have to make more decisions. Which takes artistic confidence and vision. I’m working on it.
    Thank you so much for commenting on this! You’ve helped me build confidence in my my initial reaction to the aesthetics I create!

  6. Thank you for your input! I like #8, too! It cuts down on the clutter between the people and the wall. I wish I had used fewer lines when drawing the people, though. I feel like if their outlines were simpler, I could have created a stronger aesthetic.

  7. I probably chose number 1 to be the main image for this post probably because of the movement you mentioned. Number 8 has similar movement without as many layers. Right now I need to figure out what is most important, and which artistic decisions will most effectively communicate the story of the subject.

  8. Nice stuff. You do a really good job of blending the people into the style of the background and graffiti.
    I like #6 & #8 best. The boldness of the colors is striking, though I might increase the contrast of values to bring the people out.

  9. i like #1 the best… it pulls you in and lets you explore with your eyes to the various levels of images. also, you get a happy accident with the seated girl on the left… the picture she is drawing of a humanoid shape with arms outstretched sort of lines up with her own body, and you can read it two ways… you see thru her to what she is painting, OR that is not what she is painting, but an afterimage of her own arms in the process of painting color on the wall…

  10. Thank you so much for your great insight! I chose number one because of its layers. I was concerned that the female figure your mentioned would be too integrated with the image she is drawing on the wall, but I also liked such a confusion of space. I really appreciate your perspective!

  11. no problem… i like your style… it reminds me of stained glass, yet with a computer you get freer, thinner lines and bolder colors. very unique.

  12. I like the 5th one a lot with the blank wall, but I like the 7th one best I think. Or the 1st one maybe. Good stuff!!!

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