Airport, Costa Rica

On our way back to the states from Peru we had a layover at an airport in Costa Rica.  We sat across from an older man who told us about the local weather and time.  He commented on all of the different screens in people’s hands.  “Things have changed,” he said.  He was happy and friendly.  A nice guy.

I cropped the image and changed the coloring of the main guy’s face. 10/7/12


  1. Nice use of depth. The zigzag pattern really brings the eye out to the front man.
    I might suggest tightening up the shot, though. The whitespace on the right-hand wall is a second focus-line and can adversely pull the eye up and away from the zigzag and so the center of the image.
    Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for the thoughts! I agree with you! I’m going to change this image a bit because something happened with the dude’s nose. I’ll tighten up the frame, as well, like you suggested. Thanks again!

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