6 People around a Driveway

They sat and stood out front, maybe because the night before, Nick had thrown all of the furniture off the balcony and into the backyard.  I based this drawing off of two photos.  I like how the figures changed their positioning slightly.

I changed the color of the cement and wall because the original gray was so dreary and plain.

driveway time web16x20

The below image has the original gray sidewalk etc. and only one of each of the people.

driveway time web16x20 2

In the image below, you can see the faces and lines of one of the layers, and a filled in version of the people in a different layer.  The line drawing of the background is also there.

driveway time web16x20 4

Below is most of the line drawings that make up the final image.  The lines for the faces are in white…

driveway time web16x20 line

and even though they’re really little, you can see them a bit better with a black background:

driveway time web16x20 face lines

One of the photos:

driveway time web16x20 photo 2

And the other:

driveway time web16x20 photo 1

What do you think?

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