Playing Keyboard

This is part three (2 more to go) of my portrait series of band members from an unnamed Long Beach band.  This is Paul.  I’ll take you through my process:

The final image:

paul16x20 for web



Simple lines (I could find the more detailed line drawing to post here):

paul 16x20 for web simple lines



The photo:

paul16x20 for web photo


  1. I love this picture!
    The only thing I found a bit disconcerting was how some of the (usually black) keys on the keyboard are white… maybe that’s just me. Hardly detracts from the pic’s overall greatness though 🙂

  2. I like the reflection in the shades a lot!

    Yeah I’d have to agree about all the black keys needing to be filled in. I see they’re blank in the photo due to reflecting light, but it would make the keyboard seem more piano-y if they’re all filled in with black

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