Carey and the Luggage

They’re still working on a band name.  I feel like the fun of their name is mostly in their discussions about it:  Carey and the Luggage, Alex and the Trebeks, The ImPrestones, Adam Band…  Right now the music seems to be the priority.  I’m for it.

I combined the individual portraits into different versions of a single composition.  I don’t feel like I’ve decided on a final image; I don’t think I’ve created the final image yet.

Here are a few:

Although I drew the portraits with a 16″x20″ canvas in mind, I realized I needed to increase the size of the canvas in order to fit all of the instruments and hands.  Here’s a 20″x30″.  The canvas is white, so you can’t tell that it extends about 4 inches below the drawings.

alex band 20x30 web

I stretched everyone a bit to fill that extra space at the bottom.  My roommate, a classical guitar player, said he couldn’t tell that I stretched it.  I appreciate his opinion since he knows what these instruments look like.  I know what my brother’s face looks like, though, and I can tell it’s stretched.  The stretching isn’t skewed enough to look intentional or trippy.  It’s just a bit off…

alex band 20x30 stretched web

I added the line drawings to give the composition more movement.  I’m not sure about the background color…

alex band 20x30 skewed and colored web

Before I started drawing, I cut out their portraits from photos I took while they were recording.  I arranged them on a 16″x20″ digital canvas to get a feel for the final product.  I ended up changing the reference photo for the drummer, per his request.

alex band 16x20 photo web


  1. I like the one with the multi-layers the best!!

    (I hear their bassist sucks btw)

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