Playing Pool, Hanif

An artist friend of mine, Elza Art Queen, asked me to lorna-eyes a photo of hers.  I’ll take you through the process (backwards):

Here is the final 8″x10″ drawing (maybe the final…I’m considering the one below it too.  I’ll leave that decision up to Elza.*)  The difference between this first drawing and the second one is the gradient lighting in the back and coming off of the pool table in the forefront.  I just started playing around with that tool and I haven’t yet figured out how/if I want to use it.

*Elza wanted me to add NAGA to Hanif”s hat (after she saw the proof).  I did that:

hanif 8x10 w revised

hanif 8x10 w

hanif 8x10 w no gradient

These are most of the lines:hanif 8x10 w lines

A photo/drawing mix:

hanif 8x10 w photo mix

I brightened up the photo she gave me so I could see Hanif’s face better:

hanif 8x10 w elza photo bright

And Elza’s photo:

hanif 8x10 w elza photo


  1. I think you should use the one that has the billiard balls in the frame opposed to the top one that crops them out. I like the slight glow you gave the cue ball!

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