Harry Belafonte Portrait

Harry Belafonte was dinner time music for my family growing up.  The song “Scarlet Ribbons” made me cry (positive, dinner-time crying…getting in touch with my emotions and all that).  His voice is dreamy, happy, and smooth.  His lyrics tell stories with context and concrete images.  I’d like to learn more about him…

Here is the final 16″x20″ drawing.

harry belafonte 16x20 web 2

Without shirt sleeves:

harry belafonte 16x20 web

without the gradient:harry belafonte 16x20 web no grad

the lines:harry belafonte 16x20 web lines

1 Comment

  1. Great choice. Belafonte was both a cultural icon, but, more importantly, a crucial behind the scenes actor in the American Civil Rights Movement. He worked with MLK. Others remember him from Beetlejuice (Day O!)

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