BootieLA, Echoplex* #echopark #art @theechola @artloungela

Echo Park Rising 2012 was an amazing experience.  I enjoyed performances and art at Stories Books and Cafe, Taix (pronounced Tex), iam8bit, Sancho, Lot1, Rafa’s Lounge and Art Gallery, the sidewalk, and then finally the Echoplex for BootieLA.  BootieLA is a mashup dance party that features the amazing on stage choreography of RAID (Random Acts of Irreverent Dance) as well as a number of talented DJs.  There are also lights.  Lots of lights.

More art from EP Rising to come!

People dance under the lights.
Lights dance over the people.

My text for this image could serve as an example of prepositional phrases.  Hmm I think there’s a book idea in there.

*I originally posted this on 8/26/2012

This is another one of my drawings that I used in my coloring book:

bootie la

I like that all the lines are the same size.  All the shapes sort of fit together.  The shapes in the foreground and the shapes in the background collide.  The image isn’t flat, though.  There is depth.  The colors add to that depth.

I had a chance to show this drawing to the main guy dancing in the center of it.  He thought it was cool and then asked me to follow him on instagram.  I did.  Good times in Echo Park…

Here is the original photo:

photo 1


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