Seal Beach, Saturday

Although I visit my hometown of Seal Beach often, I rarely go to the beach.  On this afternoon, I packed a towel, books I’ve wanted to read for a while, and some chips and dip and walked to the beach with my dear friend Tera.  We ate the chips and dip, let our books in our bags, and discussed art and poetry.  She just found out that someone wants to publish her collection of poetry about her Slovak roots and her family’s move to Pittsburgh.  She asked me to do the cover art.  So exciting!

Here is the final 8″x10″ photograph.

I think there’s just enough color to communicate a story.  I like how the different sizes of people creates depth.  I have no process images for this photo, but in the future I’ll make sure to document.

seal beach white 8x10 web


  1. Again with the awesome green/blue/turquoise-ness!!! I really like it!!! Are those clouds on the top left? Looks trippy

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