Portrait of my dear friend Ben

Ben and I met when we were in high school.  He was studying Film, I was studying Writing.  Our courses and interests overlapped.  He’s an amazing visual artist.  He does murals and boxes around LA with the LA Mural Front.  Check out the portrait he made of me!

I’ll take you through this process.

This is the final 16×20 portrait of Ben.


ben portrait 16x20 w


This one has fewer lines and colors.  I haven’t done a drawing like this in a while, so it took me a bit to get back into the groove and remember my process.  Ha!  Not that I have used a formula.  I think when I was more prolific with drawings I was able to avoid overworking the lines.  Maybe I’m romanticising the past.  Either way…ben portrait 16x20 w secondary details

This one has even fewer shapes:


ben portrait 16x20 w main details


And here is what I mean by over working the lines.  I didn’t end up using them all:ben portrait 16x20 w all the lines


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  1. I totally see what you mean about overworking the lines! I’m sure the balance is hard to find

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