Disclosure and Self Portrait, October

Self portraits help me reflect and play.  It was about time I updated the d[i]sclosure section of my blog, too, which also aids me in defining my direction.  I’m definitely in transition right now.  I feel like I’ve been in constant flux, though, so maybe it’s less of a transition and more of a phase.  Semantics.

Anywho, I’m playing around with photo-realism and abstract impressionism.  a bit.  Mostly the goal is for people to have to look twice and take some time to ponder.  Although I like this portrait, I find it just a bit boring.  Which is okay.  Part of the purpose of self portraits is to waste the mundane on myself so I can push creation, ideas, and editing in other drawings.

Prepare yourself for a lot of Lorna…

Here is the final 16″x20″ portrait.

lorna portrait 16x20w

These show the process as well as my attempts at adding interest to the portrait by playing with perspective.  You may have to move your mouse over the images for their descriptions.  You’ll notice I got rid of some of the initial outlining (which, unlike in Illustrator, is not an exact science in Photoshop).

I update the disclosure/about part of my blog every so often.  I keep the previous entries because I like the narrative they create.  This is one of my favorite additions:

my name is lorna x 4


  1. Yeah I dig the “lines and lineless features” one the best also

    And the “photo + drawn hair and glasses” one has a cool Roger Rabbit real/animated feel

  2. I really like the purple tint of the piece, I think it makes it all the more inviting. I didn’t know where to put the following comment, but thanks for liking my work and following my blog.

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