Woman reading outside of 4100 Bar in Silverlake

After a long walk with Abby it was nice to stop and have a good few minutes to read our new books before heading into 4100 Bar.  Or at least that’s the story I’m telling right now.

When I drew this in December I was looking to draw something in one sitting.  In order to do this, I needed to focus on the bigger shapes to tell the story.  I like this simpler aesthetic.

Here’s the final 18″x24″

abby reading 4100 18x24 w

And just the background.  I remember thinking that I wanted the background to be able to stand alone:

abby reading 4100 18x24 background w

And a cool mix of both the drawing and the original photo.  I like this.  The overlapping suggests a sequence.

abby reading 4100 18x24 collage w


The original photo:abby reading 4100 18x24 photo w

A GIF of my process:


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