A study in lamps and light + GIF

I keep a framed photograph of a lamp on the wall behind my beside lamp.  A drawing of a couch hangs above the living room sofa.  I feel like these juxtapositions celebrate the actual objects.  I’m not really sure.  Maybe it’s a joke: “this is not a pipe, but there is a pipe right below it.”

I enjoyed drawing this lamp because the light makes parts of the shapes invisible, though implied.  Less work for Lorna.

The final digital painting is 16″x20″.  I’m calling it, “At Least the Lamp Still Works” or “Good Ol’ Lampy”.

lamp lorna alkana w

Here’s a GIF of my process.  Some of my cropping is evident…
I played around with adding light that spread to the walls around the lamp, but decided against it thanks to some instagram feedback.

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