Geometric art in a Fragment of the time

I discovered the @fragmentapp while perusing art on Instagram.  I can’t remember where I found it.  Maybe under #geometricart

I’m constantly looking for people who are arting like I art.  People who play with the same ideas of shape, pattern, surrealism, abstraction, typography, color, space.  I look because I like such art, why I make it, but also because I want to know who’s doing what and how and why.  During some Instagram hashtag research I found an app called Fragment.

The app instantly transforms a photo into a kaleidoscope.  The way the app manipulates shapes falls pretty squarely in line with the geometric and surreal characteristics I have been exploring in my art recently.  It’s great!  It also means that the floating cube alone isn’t enough for me, now.  If this art is so easy to do, is it as valuable?  Does that matter?

Here are a few of the keepers.  The app can make so many versions of the image that the real art may be in deciding which is the best.


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