If palm trees had legs

If palm trees had legs they’d crawl slightly to the right or left, shrink or grow in size, and then plop right back down into place.  The image below should make a little sense of that pretty mundane anthropomorphic narrative.

Before I knew of the ease of the Fragment App, I was making my own surreal geometric art.  In this image I wanted to play with expectations of symmetry.  This is one photo four ways.  I like how the sides are uneven.  I find that the jagged effect makes the image more dynamic.  David Hockney knows what’s up.

The final image is 12″x12″.  I’ll call it, “Palm Trees, Seal Beach” though we know it’s really much deeper than that.  It’s the story of a few palm trees that just wanted to change their proportions a bit and move over slightly.

palm trees sb 12x12 w

Don’t get me wrong. I have seen palm trees do some pretty amazing things...

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