Blinking eyes butterfly + mustache + GIF

In an attempt to start a finishable project, I decided to draw a single eye.  I used the magic of Photoshop to duplicate the eye into two eyes, two nostrils, and a mustache.  The nostril/mustache part looked like a butterfly, so I went with that.

Eyes are so powerful.  Their presence automatically gives even the most lifeless object a soul.  They imply perspective.  A chair is a chair.  A chair with eyes is…watching you.

The final images are 8″x10″.  The first one here is “Butterfleye” and the second is “There’s something in your eye”.  The third one is just the single eye.

nostrils and mustache process w eye mustache w single eye w

Here’s a GIF that shows a bit of the process.  I used my little eye as a subject.  It’s so convenient that I keep some eyes on my face.


And a cool GIF that speeds up and slows down.  The eyes are synchronized dancers.  Synchroneyed Dance.  Hmm.


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