A thousand fish walk into a bar

The fish tank sections of pet stores are so crazy.  There are so many little fish just swimming in circles, looking for fingers to follow.

I’m really trying to find ways to add writing to my art.  It’s a skill that I want to develop, not forget.

Someone once told me that the text distracts from the art.  I took that critique too literally or reacted to the extreme, because I went wordless for almost a year.  I know I want to add words.  I just need to figure out what works.  Here are some attempts.

dark fish roar part 8x10 w


dark fish roar 8x10 w


dark fish forgive me w 8x10

Oh!  And as far as the title of this post, I layered the fish photos beneath a drawing I did of the Travis King Band playing at King Neptunes.  King Neptunes also happens to be an underwater themed bar/venue with fish tanks.

travistines 12x12 w travistines 12x12 white w travistines 12x12 w white blue fish travistines 12x12 w no band travistines 12x12 w w blue fish

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