My turtle is in the bathtub, again

I’ve had my turtle since 2004.  It was a gift from my dear friend Stephanie.  She gave me two, and unfortunately only one survived.  I don’t think my tank was big enough.  This little guy has since gone through many-a-tank.  He’s now in a square turtle tank.  I think he likes it alright.

I took this photo while I was giving is tank a thorough cleaning and replacing the filter.  I thought he would want to swim around for a bit; instead, he found a nice corner and just floated there and pondered.  He’s so thoughtful.

turtle in the bathtub lorna alkana w

My turtle has been explicit inspiration for me a few other times.

When I updated his tank a while back I put a blue post it on top of a little lamp next to the tank.  I call the effect, “Club Turdy”.  I made this when I was writing text straight onto the image.

Here’s an 8.5″x11″

club turdy with text 8by11

And of course, Turdy inspired “Turtle Cat”, a favorite in the Lorna Alkana Art circles.  If I had a mascot, Turtle Cat would be it.  I drew this when I was making a drawing a day with different themes.  The theme was favorite animal.  I drew my turtle and my duplexer’s cat, Toni.  I used the animals as live models.  They enjoyed the attention.  At this point in my art I was using colored pencils and a light box.  Pre-Photoshop fun.

turtle cat day web

Turtle Cat even made it onto a set of cards I made for Valentine’s Day a while back:

turtle cat vday 8x10 for web