Panorama with Anthropomorphized Tree #animation #losangeles

I’m drawing more than I’m posting my drawings which has its benefits and drawbacks.  I want to take time to reflect on and review my process (publically…here on WordPress), but I also just want to keep drawing.  A lot of my animation reflection would probably just be me bitching about not knowing how to get the image quality I want.  I don’t feel like bitching.  I feel like drawing.  And repeating myself.

My GIFS turn out satisfactory here, but on YouTube and as .mov files they are [not?] representative of my gaps in the digital learning curve.  curb?  curve.

Something is working, though, because the feedback for my animated stuff has been positive and propelling.  A few musicians are interested in having me work on their music videos and concert projections.  Cool!  That’ll be motivation to figure out how to “tween” and add audio.


This view of Downtown LA from Silver Lake is just grand.  I’ve drawn it a lot.  This particular sunrise was glorious.  I had woken up at 5 for an early morning jog…


I was still up at 5am and talking with my mates when the colors of the sky caught our eyes.  The clouds and colors and light were reason enough to learn how to use the panorama function on my telephone [read, “lornaphone”].  I took a few, and they stayed in my “art ideas” folder for a bit.

I liked how one of the palm tree silhouettes looked like the head of a creature.

I didn’t attempt this drawing for a while because I’ve drawn these trees and houses before, and I know how much time it takes (not to mention incorporating my idea to draw a palm tree coming to life and walking around on the buildings).

I decided to conquer the animation (under 10 hours) before I drew out the entire landscape (which would take around 40 hours).

Let’s start backwards with the “final” animation:


I drew green limbs so I could see what I was doing and the viewer could see what I had done.  I think the piece would be prettier and more subtle if the limbs were less cartoony.  I’d like to make it look believable, like this is rare footage of the dancing, flying roof-trees that live in Los Angeles.

It’ll take some work.

Here are a few different versions of the GIF:

Cropped a bit


Palm tree without arms…and revealing my process a bit.  I choreographed the trajectory of the tree before I spaced things out and considered legs…and arms

maybe the palm tree could use some sunglasses…or a hat…or a bow

so many ideas!


THe panoramic pictures and a still:

sunset panarama 3 w photo 2 lorna alkana sunset panarama 3 w photo 1 lorna alkana sunset panarama 3 w photo 3 lorna alkana sunset panarama jump 3 w lorna alkana

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i’ve written too much


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