Self Portrait with Wavy Hair (behind the scenes)

This animated portrait is simple and calming.  I am looking to create subtlety and discovery in my art.  This was pretty easy to make, too.  I used a super small point pen on Photoshop to outline a silhouette, then compiled a stream of photos I had taken at my cousin’s baby shower in Agoura Hills.  The water and the swans were insane!  I knew I wanted to do something with the images, and why not put them in a self portrait!  That’s what I seem to do…though the scene would look cool outside of a window in a drawing of a bookish room.  Hmmm maybe I’ll do that.

Though I’ve only been GIFing for under a month, I can’t imagine not turning all of my digital art into a GIF somehow for my future posts.

Once I learned how to GIF, I started researching “arg gifs” to see what was out there and what people are doing.

Oh the loading!

Here’s some of what I found in my research:

—Buzzfeed’s [defensively titled]: 30 Artists Proving That GIFs are the Next Great Art Form

-I enjoyed the simplicity and saturation of Adam Ferriss and the social/something implications of Clay Rodery though their animation is quick and would make my mum dizzy.

Erdal Inci has an animation realism that I appreciate, but do not yet bother to approach.

I also checked out the Huffington Post’s defensively titled article: 10 Foolproof Reasons Why GIFS are Indeed Art, in case you’re interested.

I liked the subtle GIFS (I think “subtle” is my key word this month…this year…).  There’s something beautiful and unexpected about a slight shift: wind on water, a reflection revealing the movement of the sun, a breath.

For my GIF below, I may have been inspired by the subtly of Tech Noir and/or FASHGIF (though different content).

Final GIF


Process GIF


Process Still Images


  1. Love it. I can hardly wait to try this form. Wish I had long wavy hair…how creative can I be?

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