Tera Reads the Ground

Tera Vale Ragan is an amazing poet and person.  She asked me to create the book cover for her book of poetry titled, Reading the Ground, and published by Word Works.  You can buy her book here.  It’ll be the best $15 you’ve spent this year.

Some reviews:

Says HTCC judge Jeanne Larsen, “These poems give us ‘Lessons in the Slovak Language’—which is to say, lessons in every mother’s tongue. They rise out of the great American tale of immigration, embrace the great American mill-town of the 20th century, and make the great American journey to an unknown old country. Ragan’s consummately woven text is a 21st century book: a brilliant meta-poem; a double-helix of artful words; a gathering that satisfies, sings, erupts.” Paul Hoover adds: “This is eloquent, moving, and necessary poetry.” Selected by Jeanne Larsen in 2013 for the Hilary Tham Capital Collection.

These are options I sent to Tera and the publisher.

And a promotional gif that also shows the process behind the image:

reading the ground by tera vale ragan_promo post


  1. One of your best pieces yet! I’m glad to hear the book is doing so well, and I can’t wait for my signed copy!

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