Someone is wearing those glasses…

I imagine this would be a scene from a desert acid trip or a James Turrell-like exhibition.  I’ve been playing around with the Tiny Planets application (I have a bunch to show ya’ll from that), and I wanted to take its effects further.  I want to own them more.  I feel odd pressing a button for art.  I mean, I press more than one button, and the photos are mine, and I suppose that’s what photo editing is…

I miss drawing and planning.  The process of drawing gives me more time to think while I create.  I make more decisions and have more intention.  I’m more invested in the final product, perhaps.  Or I think it’s more investment worthy.

I do love the random and surreal nature of jack-in-the-box apps like Tiny Planets: Surprise!  Here’s art!

Below is my attempt at incorporating my art from the app into a piece with drawing.  Ironically, I probably took way too much time drawing these sunglasses that I ended up making so small.  I also drew out a face and body wearing the sunglasses, but I got rid of that because I figured such was implied.  Maybe a faint outline could work to give a little more for the viewer to interpret.

There was also a draft where the big-hug shape wears comically large versions of the sunglasses.

Here’s the final (?) 12″x15″ artwork:
this one looks like it wants a hug_lorna alkana_12x15xpw

The text came to me while I was skewing the Tiny Planets shape.  Both figures in the drawing looked like they wanted a hug.  Maybe my little dots are not as clear as a thought bubble would be.  Also!  The glasses have a really cool reflection in them which is sort of lost in the scale.

I’m clearly still figuring it out.

What do you think?

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