Robin Williams and Mrs Featherbottom

This is a Robin Williams RIP post.

I grew up a musical theater kid throughout elementary and middle school.  I just played the made up, ensemble, repertory theater characters: Skittle in Annie, Glover in Oliver, and the leaves of the plant in Little Shop of Horrors.  Although I chose to pursue dancing, visual art, and, most seriously, creative writing, the performer in me has always admired and enjoyed Robin Williams.  Homeboy committed.  His opera singing in the beginning of Mrs. Doubtfire is astounding.  I LOVE Mrs. Doubtfire.  I’ve seen that movie hundreds of times.  I quote it probably once a week.  Aladdin is another acting/entertainment feat of Williams that is undeniably ingrained into the cadence of my existence.  I made an Affect comic about it a few years ago.  Check it out.  [This is despite how much I despise Disney as a corporation.  Fuck DIsney.  Fuck the horribly racist under and overtones of Aladdin.  All of that is crap.  Williams’ performance is outstanding, regardless.]

My dad died in February, very suddenly, and I can’t help but draw a connection between his passing and Williams’.  My dad was an amazing scientist and teacher.  I watched him age like I watched Williams age, and those silver-haired photos I keep seeing of Williams since his passing remind me of my dad.  The unchallenged grief (as far as I’ve seen) is also parallel.  Many people were invested in my dad’s life and what he brought into theirs.  Williams had that too.  He was an extremely influential actor and comedian.  He did what only HE could.  There’s a vacuum, now.

Arrested Development used Williams’ Mrs. Doubtfire character (plus a lil Mary Poppins) to create Mrs. Featherbottom.  In 2012, I drew a self portrait called, “Arrested Development” because of my affection for Arrested Development and Mrs. Doubtfire.


Original Post:

30 day drawing challenge, day 8: favorite TV show. I’ve seen this show in its entirety an embarrassing number of times. Mrs. Featherbottom is holding a banger. Classic.
There were some bottles and a bag of pretzel chips on the table that I didn’t draw. That and a whole bunch of other reasons are why the shadows and shading are messed up…but no disclaimers…or ellipses…






  1. Oh, man! I had not made the Arrested Development connection!
    I love (most) about that show how endlessly referential it is.

  2. What a lovely post about Robin Williams. Thanks for sharing and making the connection between the two shows. Loved Mrs. Doubtfire…and also Arrested Development. So true on your vacuum statement…I think everyone felt the space that was left in the world the day of the news.

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