Affect: Adventures in Personhood

I finished my first comic!  I’m calling it, Affect: Adventures in Personhood.

I already have the second one drafted.  This first one is an introduction to the “Lorna” character.  I reflect on my dad’s death and my move from Los Angeles to Orange County.  The images are a mix of drawn comics, photography, and digital art.  I haven’t mastered comic dialogue, so there’s a lot of narration and single cell scenes.  I think it’s a good start, but I have much room to grow.  Right now Stories in Echo Park is slinging them.  I’m trying to get Skylight Books involved, as well.  Skylight has an amazing zine collection in their art annex.  That’s where I found a lot of the independent comics that put my feet to the fire and inspired me to finish something I could share.  Here are some pages:

affect cover lorna alkana w

affect page one two spread

affect last two pages lorna alkana w

affect back cover lorna alkana w

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