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One of my drawing-to-dos has been to use the photos I take of my friends at concerts and art shows as source images for my drawings.  When I founded the Los Angeles Word Salon (LAWS) a few months ago, I took the opportunity to use quick sketches/traces of my photos as the main aesthetic for LAWS promotion.  Each week’s flyer features a lorna-eyed drawing based off the previous week’s photo evidence.  I try and keep the flyers simple, black and white, with a pop of color.  Initially I avoided color because that really increases the cost of printing.  Then, I realized, I’m not even printing these suckers, so I can do whatever the hell I want.  Moreover, it him that the drawings do not just have to be for flyers.  Here are some versions of this week’s flyer art re-purposed and remixed as some lorna art that I’m pretty okay with.  It’s a start!

Which is your favorite?  I’m partial to the gray and purple ones.  I like the empty space.flyer purple no laws w flyer black w photo no laws w flyer white layers no laws w flyer gray no laws w

Here’s the flyer I ended up going with the for the show:

time 10 no theme w

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Obviously I’m spending a lot of time on this new endeavor, and that has cut into Lorna Alkana Art time.  I think this crossover can work.  I’ll need to find a way to throw in some clouds.

I did try out a lil art gif that turned into an AVI file because I’m a little rusty and need to relearn some of the tricks I taught myself a bit ago.
This video reveals the different layers I was working with, though not chronologically:

What do you think?

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