Disclosure seeking opening

Though I’m arting a lot these days,   I’m conflicted.  This blog is a place where I started to figure out my direction as an artist, and in the past few years, my trajectory has lead me away from it.  that’s how time works, it seems, but something isn’t right.  i miss figuring it out like i did when i thought didn’t know.

these days,  i’m mainly arting in the form of photo editing/manipulation and pattern making.  trying to get my many zine ideas together.  balancing work and school (i’m clearing my secondary english teaching credential).

i’m stoked to host the Los Angeles Word Salon (LAWS) in Echo Park on Sundays.  I draw its flyers based on photos from the salon.  Feels good to draw.

I want to come home.

[This is my most recent entry to the Disclosure page of me blog.  It’s prob my fav page here, because it shows an honest development over time.  one way or another. Honesty good.  Check it out]

simulacrum of a story 16x20 self portrait w

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