Come to Think of It

For my performance at Mezcla last week, I combined old and new images into animation that played as a projection behind me.  The event was at ArtShareLA, a great, community art space in Downtown LA.

This is the poem I recited to match.

Come to Think of It

The first time you were free
you were window seat on a train to San Diego
sitting next to your alter ego, with bangs,
who let you draw her
and you gave you rose scented soap that her brother had made

The second you were free
you taught a bartender in Madrid
how to make Birthday Cake Shots
and then proceeded to have you first, awkward, bilingual orgy

The third time you were free
you were at your ex’s parent’s house
diving naked into the pool
and, when dry, creating collages
keeping the cutouts under coasters so they couldn’t escape with the warm wind
then they’d be free too

The fourth time you were free
you made sure to bring the bars around you closer
you fortified that freedom
what is a view without a window?

The last time you were free
is when you finally forgot its very meaning
with wide eyes you looked and longed into windows
accepting the reflection
denying existence beyond the glass.


I had these images in mind because I sketched them while on a train to San Diego in 2009/2010.  I was just getting into arting in a new way.  I didn’t have Photoshop, and had never tried it.  I was figuring out how to draw what I see, and enjoying layering lines, colored pencils, and making mess ups a part of my aesthetic.

Check out my original Trainspotting post


I started writing mini autobio comics under the name LJKA.  I called the series Affect.

IMG_6036 (2)

This comic was called Throw Lorna From the Train.  See the post.

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