Affect: Right Handed

I haven’t drawn Comic Lorna in a bit.  I draw versions of her, privately, but then it’s not her, because the whole point is that she’s a manifestation for the public.   We’re off to a rough start, and explicitly so.  I like that.  Check it out:

right handed 8x11 w

I digitally drew a quick sketch from my notebook.  I free-wrote and then journaled for three hours on Wednesday.  Figured a lot out.  This drawing happened somewhere in ACT I:


You can see at the bottom right that I’m deciding that this could work for the first post in my return to Affect: Adventures in Personhood.

I’ve announced my post plans a few times, and then have fallen through, and I don’t want to do that again.  I’ll announce my schedule once I’ve proven I can keep it, and find what works.

I want to ease back into blogging.  I need to ease back into blogging.  I have so much I haven’t said in a while, and I feel like every post comes from so much that I’ll never finish it, so I shouldn’t even start it (though I have, and then just let it die as a draft).

Part of my rejuvenation comes from my experience at the LA Zine Fest last weekend.  Part comes from my experience hosting the Los Angeles Word Salon and from my recent decision to bring it to a close.  There’s momentum here.  I have something to say.

What do you think?

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