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The clouds made me do it

I love when utter happiness, amazement, and amusement move me.  I’ve noticed that often people are drawn to great emotions mostly when they are upset [maybe I'm watching too much reality TV], so when I saw these clouds the other day, I just had to stop…and then walk…and then take out my camera…and then put my camera away because, perhaps selfishly, I wanted to experience joy without intention.

I did end up snapping a few choice shots while I was in Echo Park.  The heat wave and humidity mixed with the final skies of summer.

Though I later got sun stroke, which was horrible, I fortunately remember the clouds more than my headache.

Normally, I include images of my art process here, but, to be honest, I’m too swamped…and my clouds (no pun intended) and computers are filled.  [I'm swamped for exciting reasons, though, which I will share soon!]

But for now…

roof view 8x11pw

Me mum says this one looks oftly suggestive:

echo park lake again 12x18 w

lots of clouds palimpsest 12x18w

echo park lake again 12x18pw

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