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Brokechella2015 had the concrete, tunes, and booze; Lorna Alkana Art brought the chalk

Brokechella!  I applied as a visual artist and as an installation artist, and I’m not sure which I was accepted for, because I sort of did both.  Here’s some evidence of the result:

See the entire Lorna Alkana Art Brokechella album here

Okay!  So!   They sent me the map of the spot, and then I made a plan:

The art organizer, an amazing woman named Anna, encouraged me to focus on my surreal coloring and story book and the tiny planet series.

tiny planet poster lorna alkana

I still have 4 of the above 8″x12″ posters left if you’re interested.  $25.  Hit me up:

When I showed up to the venue, I was not able to hang the tiny planets (on the brick wall) and I had totally forgotten to bring the coloring book.  I improvised and made the best of it.  Thank god for chalk.  I had a great time!  Would def do it again next year!

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