Halloween Wreath with Bunny Ears, Frog Legs, and Teeth

I doodled an idea, turned it into a cardboard wreath, then drew that wreath into a hopping, animated monster. Here’s a bit of this creepy, [re]cycle of life.

I glued some firm cardboard pieces together into a circle that took up most of the width of the door frame. I secured the cardboard with mesh and binder clips. I placed and then glued a bunch of materials from my “circles bin” which I assume everyone has: collected spray paint lids, empty tape rolls, bottle caps, empty tuna cans, etc.. I attached some circles, made eyeballs, added cardboard teeth and bunny ears.

I didn’t think the wreath would be under a black light, so I left them white as opposed to painting them with a UV color.

The eyeballs and teeth make everything creepy. So much starring and chewing.

I added arms in the animated version.

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