exh[i]bitions 2017


November 17, 2017 – I’m working with FBE on a live art exhibition for YouTube’s blossoming talent.

Check out my previous exhibitions here! (It has been a busy 2017!)

Current Collaborations:

LAWordSalon -Creative community in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and on tour around you.  Green, esteemed, established, curious. @LAWordSalon Instagram and Facebook documents live music and art around town

Affection Kickstarter – Collaboration with Operator Error on a pop album with music and art to span the generation gap.

One Day – a zine from the future, with The Peeces (coming sooon!)

You Can Find Me…

Facebook: @LornaPhone and @LAWordSalon and @AffectComics
Twitter: @LornaPhone and @LAWordSalon
Instagram: @Lornaphone and @LAWordSalon
Youtube: Lorna Alkana

I update my Exhibition Page with events and galleries Lorna Alkana Art is featured in.
Check out the Disclosure Page to see a chronological evolution of my blog and art.

I share new art/discussions about the process of works in progress, and I post segments with Comic Lorna in my audiobio comic series called, Affect.

90 thoughts on “exh[i]bitions 2017

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