Trump on Acid

I chalk arted under black lights for the Party Punx event Trump on Acid at The Airliner Nightclub in Los Angeles on Friday, August 11, 2017.

trump flyer acid lornaphone

My drawing brainstorms turned into 3 main ideas: a mouth swallowing the crowd whole, an ironic thumbs up, and some creepy eyes.
trump mouths lornaphonetrump thumbs up lornaphonetrup eyes lornaphone w

The chalked versions:

eyes trump acid chalk lornaphone

It looks like the eyes are doing a can-can dance.

trump mouths double lornaphone

The event was amazing.  It was especially tricky, however, because I needed to balance my table with zines, the live chalking, hanging out with good friends, meeting new people, and catching the music inside, on the two stages.  Not a horrible situation to be in, but I could a used a few more hours to take it all in.

I did a practice run of my zine set-up the day before the event.  My friend Vanessa helped me set it up during the actual event.  I didn’t have room for the stand, but the zines worked fine on the table.

zine sept up lornaphone

amber lauren trump acid w

I set up a different table with merch for the album Affection which I collaborated with Operator Error to create.

affection trump acid lornaphone

lorna display trump acid

People seemed to like the I Dated a Sociopath and all I Got was These Poems zine.

lorna zine love trump acid

Some videos LAWordSalon and I caught of the performances:

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