There’s some face on your chalk – Beating Lights BBQ Recap + LornaPhone Check-in

I haven’t been digital arting that much recently (besides my work on Affection which is coming out soooon!).  I’m hooked on larger canvases.  I like the space and movement and stepping back.  Maybe I need to figure out a standing-desk situation for my digital drawing.  Standing has something to do with it.  Like with chalk, which I get to use huge canvases for, there is a lot of standing.  And squatting.  Standing and squatting and art.  I love it.

Another love of mine is Beating Lights events.  They’re backyard BBQ  at the Holy Unlikely pad (6/10/17) had bands, friends, fancy food and booze (responsibly), and chalk by LornaPhone and you!  There was also this sick gymnastic bungee dome, thumb war with electrodes, and abstract portraiture care of Holy Unlikely.  That house has great vibes and I would love to return.

Back to the chalk!

I made some stencils and tried lorna-made spray and paint chalk.  It’s in beta.  More to come in that area I have a feeling.  I digitally doodled portraits of the featured bands (BlushhBeachwood CoyotesBien BienDolly Spectra, Good Luck Club) and chalked them (perhaps too big?) on the driveway in front of the garage stage.  Looking back, I should have chalked on the stage, too.  Next time.  Always next time.

Check out this pics of the event!  Some of them I took with a fish eye mini camera that I have big plans for.  Stay tuned after the pics for preview pics of other project pies I have my fingers in.

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Hooray!  Here’s a glimpse at what I’ve been working on for the past few weeks!  I have a few notebooks going on right now, too, and deep urge to get more Lorna comics out there.  I’ll keep you posted!

blog catch up lornaphone 2blog catch up lornaphone 3blog catch up lornaphoneblog catch up lornaphone 4


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