Process: LornaPhone mural fun at #PLAGturns1

My adventures in black light art are pushing past explorations of novelty.  I’m looking  more into the depths of technique and composition.   The narrative of negative space.  I’m playing with mirrors.  (Note to self: write a poem about this.)

Play Like A Girl has been an incredible inspiration for my art over the past year.  The feminist collective presented me, among others, opportunities, audiences, and collaborators.  They celebrated their one year anniversary on Saturday, May 27, 2017 at The Echoplex in Los Angeles.  I was there with a new installation that featured psychedelic, intermingled black-light portraits of the day’s featured acts.

Here’s a look at the process, the art, the event, and what happened when I got home:canvas set plagturns1 lornaphone wSketchesplagturns1 lornaphone process sketch wPainting:

Sarah stopped by right when I was getting started.

Although I like how everything is mixed together, I wonder if I needed to isolate the individual bands more to present a sort of showcase or marquee.

Should the people I draw be able to easily identify themselves in my art?  To what extent should they be recognizable?  Probably some portraits are more successful in that way than others.plag bands info lornaphone

Close ups:
stars at night plag lornaphone wsmoke season lornaphone 2 wnighttalks lornaphone wlornaphone plagturns1 spread wlornaphone bedroom witch plag wiress lornaphone plag wfull lornaphone plag wclose up lornaphone plagturns1 w

Here are some pics from the event:donia and lornaphone plag wgirl chalk plag lornaphone wplag chalk fun lornaphone wplag night chalk lornaphone wMy dear friend Esther was a great help during the event!superdelux esther lornaphone plag wlorna and esther plag wveronica portrait plag lornaphone wI think my table was in the way, and people felt a barrier between them and the art.

Instead of my disheveled prints, the table should have been for coloring.  A place where people can sit and chill and let their mind wander onto a page.  Or!  I could have put the table behind the mural to create a home base, so people could discover the mural freely.  Maybe they would wander behind and I can draw them on the back, or they could draw on the back of the mural (part of my initial plan).  humph

I found an IG video of someone who gets it…

My favorite time when the mural transitions from day to night:

I plan so much in some areas, and not enough in others.  This feeling of woulda/coulda will hopefully evolve foresight into reality construction.  Not what do I expect, but what can I do with what I expect.  I can have an impact on what happens.  How can I contribute to the event in a meaningful way?  Beyond superficial posts, the moments between the social media-ing.  How do I create engaging, inviting, interactive experiences or initiate them?  Is there ever a fool-proof plan?  Also!  Instead of thinking about what I can do better next time while still at the event, trying to make the change on the spot.

When I got home, I set up the installation again and took some time to see how I could play with it.  My mom helped out with a dance party segment.  I also brought in some Renewable Blooms (I planned on integrating this in the mural, but got lost in the painting.)

lornphone flashlight plagturns1 w

I put together a way people can buy the mural or parts of it (since I sold my last one for WASI).

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