Event: Chalk Art w/ Beating Lights in the Backyard

This Saturday, June 10, 2017 I will be chalking alongside some delicious BBQ and live tunes at a Beating Lights BBQ in Central LA.  You’re invited to come eat, dance, and draw!  I’m playing around with a few ideas for the chalking, including stencils, chalk paint/brushes, planter portraits, and a human pinball machine.  The event is all ages, $5, and from 12PM-5PM.  The bands Blushh, Beachwood Coyotes, and Bien Bien are all releasing new music at this event!  Weehee!  Details below:chalk light bl bbq process w

chalk bl bbq process wPlaying around with stencils18869751_10105213443968325_352853009_o

Playing around with portraitsdrawings bl bbq lornaphone

beating lights unlikely house bbq flyerFB Event description:

Blushh is releasing an EP.
Beachwood Coyotes is releasing a single.
Bien Bien is releasing an album.

So what? So Beating Lights and Holy Unlikely are throwing a backyard bash to celebrate all of their releases!

It’s gonna be a backyard BBQ for the books. Think paint filled water guns, hopscotch and egg tosses . Think water balloons, face paint and giant jenga. Oh and obviously live music, duh.

Come for the BBQ, stay for the show, bring friends for sure.

Where: Holy Unlikely House, West Adams near USC.
Address will be emailed week of. Please RSVP!!! via ticket link.
(or just go here: http://www.beating-lights.com/rsvp)
When: Saturday June 10 12-5pm
And: $5 All Ages

Blushh (EP Release)
Beachwood Coyotes (Single Release)
Bien Bien (Album Release)
Dolly Spectra
Good Luck Club

more deets on artists/vendors/fun stuff coming soon.


About Beating Lights:
BL is an event producer/ promoter based in LA, run by Shab (yup, the same Shab who plays in Blushh!) that like bringing together people and music into all kinds of places and spaces. Backyard shows, parties and picnics are what we love best.


About Holy Unlikely :
Who are we? An artists’ collective? What about an artist is different than other beings? At Holy Unlikely, we’re collectively trying to unlearn the image of “art” being separate or different from the rest of life. We hold the belief that there can not be creation without deconstruction, and space for nothingness. We’re here to explore art in all forms: performance, interactive, DIY, multimedia, metaphysical, trashy. We strive to cultivate a space to nurture each other- to be friendly to ourselves and our surroundings but challenge them by allowing ourselves to be radically vulnerable. We aim for a community that supports its members and contributors to be comfortable enough to step out of their comfort zone. We want to deconstruct the notion that the performer and audience are separate entities. We hold experimentation and play above all else. We want to invite any and all to join us in these endeavors.”


You Can Find Me…

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I share new art/discussions about the process of works in progress, and I post segments with Comic Lorna in my audiobio comic series called, Affect.


Check out my previous exhibitions here! (It has been a busy 2017!)

Current Collaborations:

LAWordSalon -Creative community in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and on tour around you.  Green, esteemed, established, curious. @LAWordSalon Instagram and Facebookdocuments live music and art around town

Affection Kickstarter – Collaboration with Operator Error on a pop album with music and art to span the generation gap.

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